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At Unique Dreams LLC, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our services. We are celebrating over 26 years of entertainment experience, and are proud to be one of Maryland’s most requested entertainment companies. As a referral based company, we pride ourselves on the dedication and excitement we bring to all events.

We officially started our company back in 1998, as a kids party company, mainly working within Summer Camps and the school systems. Consistently emphasizing a strong focus on kids, family style parties, and appropriateness, we have grown into one of the premiere entertainment companies in the DMV.


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DJ's & MC's

Every Deejay and Dancer is different and creative in his or her own way of hosting a party. We all have our own distinct methods and all bring something different to each event we host.

Please take the time to get to know our team, and see which entertainer/s would best suit your specific party needs.


For over 18 years, Chris (aka DJ Kidd) has utilized his unique ability to motivate and excite every event he has performed. Chris posseses a rare gift that has enabled him to read a crowd and deliver an excitement unlike any other.

As founder of UniqueDreams DJs, Chris brings not only his exceptional entertainment skills, but also brings professional manner & courtesy that assures you that there really isn't any other choice than UniqueDreams DJs.


Brian is one of our most requested, and most experienced DJs. He joined our team in 2002, and his energy, experience and passion for bringing a party to life has quickly made him one of our most requested MCs.

Brian is available for all events. According to Brian, my favorite event is: "Well, all of them! I love the chance to bring a party to life, especially Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, and Weddings. I also love kids parties and running camps for kids." Prior to becoming one of the area's Hottest DJs, being invloved and leading day camp activities gave Brian a lot of insight on kids, thus, making him also one of our most popular DJs at kids events. Brian would be a fantastic choice for any event.


Our DJ Edwin is available for any and all events. The Pure Excitement he brings to a dance floor will truly take your party to another level. From the moment he walks in the door, you can feel the vibe of energy flowing off him. You and your guests will have a fantastic event, and the dance floor will be rocking all night long with our DJ Edwin.

MC justin aka "DJ Esquire (Esq)"

MC Justin is one of our most sought after entertainers. He brings an unrivaled amount of energy and excitement to every event he is a part of. His background in working with kids, truly shows through events.Kids and adults love him, and would be a great addition to any and all events. His true passion and where he is most requested is Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. However, he is available for all styles of events.

MC Chaz

MC Chaz is one of our youngest, but most talented performers. He is available for all events. His specialty is kids and kids style events including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, private events, school parties, and kids of all ages. His passion for music and bringing energy to any event is unmatched.

Chaz is a great overall entertainer and amazing with kids. He can bring life to your event, with games, contests, great music, and his funny sense of humor. MC Chaz is a great choice for any party.

Lee aka DJ 337

DJ 337 is one of most decorated talents. A master of the turntable, and sure to bring any crowd to its feet. Also known as Lee, DJ 337 is available for all events, as has also mastered the technique of orchestrating events, as your Master of Ceremonies, or MC.

DJ 337 would be a perfect addition to any party, and specializes in Weddings, and Mitzvahs. His array of music knowledge and outgoing personality will surely spice up any event.

Matt h

Matt is one of our most requested personalities. He is amazing at all types of events and has perfected his craft. Matt has an extensive background in working with kids thus is a popular choice in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah scene as well as smaller kids events.

Matt is also highly sought after as one of our best Wedding and Corporate entertainers. His truly unique personality and vision for a party makes him one of the best choices for events.

MC Matt

MC Matt- MC Matt is one of our most talented, and experienced MCs. His uncanny ability to read a crowd and really create a fantastic experience is one of a kind. With over 15 years of experience, the flow, and seamless timing on the dance floor will create a Unique and amazing event.

Matt is a great choice for Weddings, Mitzvahs, or really any and every event. Matt can really add that special touch, that will make your event, truly spectacular.

MC/DJ Swift

MC Swift with Unique Dreams DJs is one of our more talented DJs as well. Swift has mastered all types of events and is currently available for all parties. Swift is outgoing, fun and lively. He possesses a natural outgoing personality, and a talent for the entertainment world. His ability to read a crowd and get the most out of your party is one of many reasons he would make a great choice for your next event.


Melvin is one of our original Deejays, mastering kids parties and game days. Melvin understands the importance of appropriate music for children as well as the games they love to play. Melvin is fun and energetic and sure to make your party a great success. If music is not your style he will host games and contests for the children, that they are sure to love.


Marc would be a great choice for any and all events. He has an extensive background in working with kids and teens, and certainly brings the FUN to any party. Marc is extremely interactive and a great personality to add to your party. He is currently available for all events, adults parties, weddings, Mitzvahs, and his specialty-kids events.


Blake has been with Unique Dreams for almost 10 years, his knowledge of music and ability to DJ or MC your event make him one of our most versatile and most requested entertainers. Blake's experience and extreme motivation enables him to adjust to any event and cater to your specific needs. Blake provides constant energy to a party, and is able to work with you directly throughout your planning as well as at your event providing you the best overall experience.

Mike aka DJ Low

Low specializes in adult party events. He has extreme music knowledge in all types of music and would be a great addition to any event.

Mikey aka M&M

Mikey, aka M&M would be a great choice for any event. M&M is great with kids and adults. Very multi talented and can add a great flare to any event.

MC Ryan

MC Ryan is a true specialist. Ryan's amazing talents make him one the areas most requested Mitzvah and Wedding MC's. His high energy, and attention to detail, can truly make your vision for your party come true. Ryan has over a decade of experience in all styles of events, but truly is dedicated to Mitzvah's and Weddings


For over a decade Robbie has performed at all venues and is one of our most requested Disc Jockey's. Robbie has been with Unique Dreams from the start, and is one of our high-energy performers. From Weddings to Kids parties Robbie has perfected his talents to perform on all levels. Robbie is not only a DJ, he is also one of our Assistant Managers, and a team lead in our event planning division, where he can assist to plan your event from start to finish.

For all events if you want high energy, crowd participation, and an overall fun guy, Robbie is your man.


Cara aka K-WOW

Want to add immediate attitude and pure excitement to your dance floor. Introducing K-WOW, She is one of our lead dancers and dance captain. She is fun, friendly, and energetic. Clients call her, "Absolutely AMAZING!" She works best with guests of all ages and is able to teach line dances and keep the party moving.

Cara's resume is endless with an extensive dance career. She is available and can be supplied for every imaginable type of party: Private, Corporate, Holiday, Birthday, Wedding, Surprise, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Halloween, and the list goes on.

K-Wow, will wow your crowd and keep everyone involved!


Haley would be a great addition to any event. She boasts backgrounds in cheer and competitive cheer, as well as a constant positive outlook on life. Her smile and outgoing personality will light up any room. Haley is super fun and outgoing. A perfect fit for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.


Adriana is a fantastic choice for any party. An amazing overall person and it shows. Kids and adults absolutely love her. She is always smiling and bouncing all over the dance floor. She is also a cheerleader for a major league sporting team.

Molly s

Molly is a great choice for any event. Molly boasts an extensive background in dance and is pure energy on the dancefloor. She works really well with kids and adults on the dancefloor and is one of our most sought after lead dancers.


Kori is now available for all events, and is super engaging and fun. She cheered for a popular football team, and has now joined our amazing teams. Kori is full of energy and simply an amazing overall person. You and your guests will truly love Kori.


Emily would be a great addition to any event. She possesses a love of dance, and combined with her high energy she is truly unique and amazing..


Sam is a ball of energy. She never gets tired, lol. Sam is very involved and outgoing, and quick to help with anything a party needs.


Sydney has a very extensive dance background. She loves parties and loves getting in the action. Shes very outgoing, exciting and a true asset to any event


Naz is always smiling and always ready to party. Her love of parties and dance make her a great addition to any event. Adding Naz to your event simply adds style, and excitement.


Full of energy and full of smiles. She's constantly moving at an event keeping all guests involved. Great with adults and kids, Rahadia is a fantastic addition to any event. Full of energy and full of fun.


Shayna is one of our most technical dancers, and a member of a NFL dance team. Her passion for dance and fun loving personality will light up any event. She is available for all parties, and brings excitement to any function. Shayna can light up a dance floor and engage your guests, keeping everyone dancing and having fun all night long.


a fantastic addition to any party. Jordan has an extensive background in dance, loves parties, and loves rocking to the beat. Jordan is a very popular party motivator here, and can be added to any event.

Ashley k

Ashley is an amazing overall person. She can energize a dance floor with ease, and forms instant bonds with kids of all ages. It's no doubt that she has an extensive background in both kids, and dance. Her personality and demeanor will instantly impact the dance floor, and guests will have a fantastic time with Ashley.

She specializes really in all types of parties, but loves the interaction with kids most.


Morgan boasts a bit of a pop style dance aspect. Awesome with kids and fun loving. A great addition to any Mitzvah. She is fun, outgoing, and really stands out with her style.


Kappy is a fantastic member of our team. Fun, outgoing, and energetic are some of her strongest qualities. She loves every type of party, and is constantly full of energy. She would be a great addition to any event, but works best with kids ages 2 through 15.

Photo Booths & Green Screens

Book Your Photo Booth Today!


Green Screen Express

Interactive, touch screen booth is the front for the GS Express. This eliminates the need for a photographer. We will have 1-2 staff maintain the booth, and help guests with the process. All 4x6 prints are delivered in clear acrylic frames. NOTE there are discounts for 2x6 options. There are 10-18 different backgrounds available of your choosing when using the Green Screen option, or simply choose a backdrop from our below photo booth backdrops. Your choice.

Vanity Mirror

The vanity mirror is our newest and most sleek photo option to date. It's eye catching style and unrivaled pictures make it a great choice for any event. The Vanity Mirror is a take on the precise options and freedom that our Green Screen Express gives, but with a sleek eye catching design. Your choice Green Screen or Backdrop Style (see backdrops below)

Traditional Green Screen Photo Station

Includes unlimited green screen prints for 4 hours and various backgrounds. ($1050.00 for 3 hours and $850.00 for 2 hours) This package consists of a photographer front, taking pictures with the Green Screen- guests can super impose any background to fit within your theme of your event. All prints print on your choice of 4x6 one picture, or strips 2x6 which will consist of 3-4 pictures. All 4x6 prints are delivered in clear acrylic frames.

** NOTE: there are discounts for 2x6 options. Props also included at no charge for fun dress up. Each guest in each photo may have a copy. Unlimited pictures at your event, and a digital download of all images after your event.

Glow Booth

Using our Express option above, we simply surround you and your guests in a glowing booth. The Express from our above options is included in this package, and placed within the booth for an amazing glowing booth display.

Photo Booth BackDrops

Using our Photo booth open style option below, we remove the Green Screen option and simply choose a standard back drop for your event. We currently have 4 to choose from shown below. All prints print 4x6, or 2x6 strips - your choice. The booth comes with 1 staff to run the station, and lots of fun props to use.

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